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Golu Dolls

Are you missing Golu Shopping in India?  

Now taking Golu Preorders!! What best time rather than this to add to your golu collection at a lesser price!!  Free shipping on eligible orders.  Shipping calculated on checkout.  Do you want to gift someone who keeps Golu but not sure what to buy?  Give them a gift card and share this collection :) Click here to order a gift card.

If you are looking for something specific, let us know and we will try to get for you.

There  is no payment during preorder.  Pay when it is ready to be delivered.

Bring home the divinity and creativity.  Bring home India !! Shop at

Any other questions, please reach out to us in Whatsapp - +1 226 791 9961 or mail

 FAQ :

1. Are the dolls available in clay or paper mache?

    Most of the dolls are in paper mache.  The ones in clay are mentioned in description

2. How is the packing?

    Dolls are well packed individually in foam and bubble wrap to withstand shipping.

 3. Some dolls dont have sizes mentioned.  How to know?

      Whatsapp us in above number with the picture and we shall let you know.  With wide collections, it was difficult to update all with sizes, but whatsapp us with picture and we will get back asap on the size of the dolls you have requested.  

 4. What happens if the doll is damaged?

     Please take a video when you are unboxing.  Any damage and you will be refunded.

5.  Do you ship to any country?

     Yes, we do.

Any other questions, please reach out to us in Whatsapp - +1 226 791 9961 or mail

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