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Govardhangiri Krishna In Village Framed Madhubani Painting Art

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Beautiful Madhubani Painting of Krishna holding the Govardhan hills with little finger, while the cow and  villagers are under the bliss of Krishna.  

With beautiful colors and art, this is a valuable addition to your collection.  The painting is glass framed in brown wooden frame.

Size : 12" x 5.8"

Why it is in clearance?

The painting and frame look so beautiful and flawless when hung in wall as seen in first picture.  

The frame is little damaged at the bottom right corner as shown in second picture, which is not visible when painting is adorning your wall.  Just paint with brown wood marker and you won't even identify it. 

Because of the minor damage during shipping, this piece is up in clearance at a much lesser price.  Grab it :)

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