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Ganesh Ganpati Reading Ramayana Sitting On Rocking Chair

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Imagine God Ganeshji sitting next to you in your living room in your end table or center table, rocking in his own chair and reading Ramayana.  Oh he is in my home :) Look at the video to get a peek !!  

Just cuteness and his majestic overloaded in this piece of art.  With so many details, this little decor brings so much divinity at the same time a smile in your face.  He rocks and reads his book while providing an eye capturing sight for you, you just can't turn away :)

And don't miss the Mooshika at Vinayaka's footstep, at the bottom of the chair.

This Ganpati is just the majestic piece that will be an attention seeker in your home.

Being made of metal, this presents an antique look and not a pure yellow.

Material : Metal

Size : 5.5"





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